hickory hardwood

hickory hardwood

Your new hickory hardwood floor is to be installed next week! You are so excited to have this handsome and super-strong flooring to beautify your home. In addition to anticipating how beautiful it will look, consider getting ready for the installation. There is much that you can do to make the process convenient and successful.

Before the Installation

One of our flooring specialists is here to let you know what needs to be done before that dense and durable hickory hardwood is laid into place.

  • Before our installers arrive, we ask that you double-check the installation date. We do not want you to be disappointed.
  • Please be sure that the room or rooms are ready for our flooring specialists to get to work promptly. We ask that anything that could break be taken into another room for safety's sake.
  • Remove furniture, drapes and pictures, as well as items from closets.
  • Figure out who will move the furniture, appliances and subfloors.
  • Arrange to disconnect gas appliances and icemakers in the rooms where installation takes place to protect your family, as well as the flooring.
  • Check that the temperature inside is suitable for installation.
  • Look to see if the doors will still close properly after the new floors are installed.

This way all is ready for the big day. When that day arrives, you can be confident that our flooring experts know exactly what to do to make sure your flooring is installed properly, which is a critical factor to ensure that your long-lasting flooring stays in place.


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